Bathroom Remodels

There are a lot of components to renovation, whether it is a small project or an even larger one. No matter what the particular remodel may be, you always have to be prepared, which is especially true of bathroom renovations. Now that I am taking the plunge to renovate my bathroom, there are several things that I have taken into consideration that cannot be ignored if I want to ensure that it is done in the most professional manner.

clean bathroom

Just think about it – how many times do you use your bathroom a day and what amenities come with it? Most of us spend more time in our bathroom than we think and so it is important to have one that you really enjoy using. For me, a master bathroom should be a luxurious experience that makes me want to spend more time in it and actually relaxes. What better place is there to be at ease early in the morning before heading out to work?

What are your personal needs when it comes to your bathroom?

That is ultimately a personal question as everyone is different. Some people simply want a bathroom that takes care of their basic needs from showering, brushing their teeth, and using the toilet, so they only need the essentials. Others prefer more immaculate settings and want everything from soft music to candles and more so that they can unwind after a long day or work week. What I can say is that a bathroom space is far more personal than a kitchen because you spend more time in it alone. Therefore, I prefer to have a bathroom that serves as a sanctuary and retreat from everyone, including my family members.

Before renovation, you want to ask yourself if you want a shower or tub, a private area for the toilet, and the type of ventilation required. Also, your age may come into play as well as you may not stay in the place forever and may be moving. Older people may want to renovate in a way that lasts them through retirement. There are also curbless showers and towel racks to consider for home renovation. The best way to go about the renovation before beginning is to truly take inventory of what you currently have, what you want, and the budget you have in mind.

Everyone has different tastes and when it comes to personalizing bathrooms, the sky is the limit.

white paint bathroom

I advise people to start small in the beginning and then work their way up as you want to leave a bit of wiggle room for any unforeseen circumstances that could occur. For the master bathroom, for example, you want to go all in for that lasting effect that makes a huge impact. Because, after your kitchen, it is arguably the most important area of your house, so spare no expense if you can. Make it sparkle, pop, and shine and you never have to worry about anyone giving it anyone but praise.

Sharpen Your Blades

Keeping those blades sharpened and ready to use can sometimes be easier said than done. Trust me when I say that my blades stay sharp, but maintaining that takes some dedication and you have to really invest some energy in doing so. I cannot stress enough that people must learn as much as possible about their tools to care for them properly and that extends to cleaning torches for the plasma cutter. This ensures that tools remain efficient and also extends the life of them.


Just as inflating a flat tire takes some investment of time and research, so too does sharpening the blades you use on your projects. I have even learned how to manually sharpen my hand saws and you would be amazed at how many people are not aware of how to do that. I have used this site to find out the information necessary to complete my projects and it comes highly recommended. Here are some ways to keep your blades sharp and ready to go. But first, the guidelines and questions you need to ask yourself include the following.


Setting and Sharpening Saw Blades

saw blade on table

You may not know how to do it, but in these days, most saws are sharpened by woodworkers as it has become a lost craft. In order to sharpen your essential saws, a bit of knowledge about the process is imperative. You should confront it head-on by gaining the skills and confidence necessary to do to yourself. The ability to keep saws sharp and ready to go speaks volumes about your dedication to being a DIYer and the insight you gain cannot be stressed enough. The disposable straws of today pale in comparison to those made years prior, and they were actually specifically designed to throw away once they become blunt. That brings us to the next question.


Which of your saws can you sharpen?


Just about any saw that doesn’t have teeth that have been specially hardened are eligible for sharpening. Most brands that manufacture saws harden the teeth tips, with the advantage that they break off fairly easily. The disadvantage is that the upper layer wears away and exposes the soft metal that lies below.


What are the required tools?


Luckily, you will require only a few: a saw vise, flat file, saw file and saw set.

What are the work stages?


In order to get saws back into shape involves a process of shaping, trimming, setting, then sharpening teeth. It depends on the state of the teeth, so check them thoroughly before you begin the process.

sharpening a saw blade with 3-sided file

When you sharpen repeatedly, the shape will be altered as well as the teeth’s height. Use a 3-sided file to treat saw blades to ensure that each tooth receives between three to four strokes overall. As far as settings, the offset should be equal on both sides. In order to avoid breakage of the tooth, don’t bend the tooth to the left if it was bent to the right or vice versa. Sharpening should be the last step, taking place after setting and ensuring less damage to the teeth.